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Object Recognition

Object recognition engines can identify multiple objects within a video or still image, including optical character recognition (OCR), license plate, and logo recognition.

Video Recognition

The Engine will identify video content or parts of the video and match it against corresponding images or objects.

Face (Facial) Recognition

Our face recognition system is a technology capable of verifying or identifying a person from a digital image, a video frame from a video source.

Image Recognition

The print content would act as a marker for our engine and match with the corresponding reference image.

Logo Recognition

Logo Recognition automatically identifies specific companies based on their logo or brands in any given image or video.

Transcription & Translation

Transcription engines translate written text from one language to another. The utilization of machine learning algorithms dramatically increase the accuracy of sentence structure, content and parts of speech.


Bio metrics is used as a form of identification and access control. The bio metrics technology is used to measure and analyze physical characteristics such as fingerprints, iris scan to name a few.


OCR [Optical Character Recognition], also known as text recognition, extracts text from an image, video or document and may include handwriting, licence plates or documents of various kinds.


Our Sentiment engines discern the tone behind a series of words, used to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions and the type of emotions expressed.


Location engines associate media with geolocation data points and enable search by location, displaying a map view of media file collections or other specialized functions.

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