Looking to Ease the Pain Points

Verticals like the public sector, transportation, and utilities cannot realistically apply the resources to view all the available data from these video cameras. Knowing that there is so much idle time throughout the video data only adds to the belief that the video cameras should be left alone until specific data needs to be located. Yet, companies or city governments should be alerted to situations that need their attention immediately, such as crime or traffic congestion.

Currently, there are vendors who can record and compile all the video data on a company or organization’s behalf. However, these do not address the pain point of response time or comprehensive insight delivery. In an ideal world, these verticals would be able to have data insights selected in real time and reported to them.

That way, they could conserve resources, identify critical areas of improvement more quickly, and leverage the insights to make decisions with impactful results.

Smart City Use Case

In a smart city environment, an IoT video analytics platform would survey traffic patterns and crowd flow. The real-time ability could also work together with traffic light sensors to understand the best pattern of traffic light timing. Insights for various parts of the day and night would then direct how to alleviate congestion. A city could also gain real-time control over energy consumption or get meaningful data for optimizing neighborhoods. For example, this might involve planning where to position street lights tied to where crowds congregate for events. When combined with other IoT sensors in a city, and other applications like smart lighting and smart parking, this platform could also help with shaping infrastructure changes or future development.

There are numerous other situations for automatic anomaly detection. For example, it can detect stalled vehicles, roadway debris, and abandoned objects on a street or placed near crowds. Other venue applications include parks, airports, train stations, parking lots, and amusement parks. Currently, Nokia Impact Scene Analytics is undergoing trials in cities and venues around the world to quantify the benefits.

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