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Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform & Services

We enable "our clients/ customers" to connect artificial intelligence with their day- to- day working environment. Prisma AI has several years of experience in analyzing their customer’s requirement and delivering the industry's best applications to meet their business needs.

Gryphos is a proprietary AI Technology and algorithms to orchestrate and search the cloud or a closed database. Gryphos does it through its AI-based Recognition, Referencing & identify technology along with AI-based search crawler.

Gryphos has become one of the few leading plat form providers globally. Prisma AI provides a platform and AI solutions including securities, infrastructures, automobile highway automation systems, retail, education, real estate and online entertainment to name a few. With our roots from Germany and experience adapted from major implementation and deployments, Gryphos, Prisma's proprietary AI algorithm have placed us at the forefront of the global 'visual AI' industry development.

(Intelligently Enhance Any Result, Based on Visual Inputs)

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